7 Questions – An Interview with a Curisma Taste Buddy

By Chada M.

The Curisma community has a keen eye for technology and innovation.  I know because I’ve “followed” some incredible taste buddies on Curisma….  But do you ever want to know more about a particular Curisma user?  Yes, I do too, so I thought I’d dig deeper into the technology-obsessed minds of one of Curisma’s super users haz0, or Hector as his friends call him.

When Hector isn’t making some really cool discoveries on Curisma, he is going to school preparing to become an auto-technician in California.   He has an eye for sustainable tech products that have simple, elegant designs.  His Curisma discoveries have really caught a few eyes so I thought I’d sit down with me and talk more about gadgets and technology.


What is your favorite Gadget?  HTC EVO – Hector calls it “the future already here”.  He’s had it for 2 years and loves that it is basically a portable computer with incredible processing power.

What gadget do you want?  Nokia N9 -  A sleek and stylish smartphone.  He is particularly impressed by the simple and elegant design of the phone.

 What is your favorite brand of gadgets?   Asus -  This brand puts out very durable, well-designed products.  The Asus Bamboo Notebook U33JC makes sustainable sexy.  Made out of natural bamboo, the sleek computer boasts Asus’s Super Hybrid Engine and has 10.5 hours of battery life.

What gadget would you invent (assuming you have the resources and could do it)?  “I would make something that would make hard manual tasks a little bit easier.  As an auto-tech, I know that people just don’t have the knowledge or confidence to do these tasks.”   Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a robot fix my car for me either!

If you were stranded on an island with three gadgets on Curisma, which three would you choose?  This answer really entertained me.  He said use the BioLite CampStove to survive the first few days (assuming he needs to gain strength from whatever accident has left him stranded on the island).  When he’s gained enough strength, he’ll use the Hoverbike to escape the island, and then use the Nokia N9 to secure emergency aide.

What are your top three wants on Curisma?

  1. Philips Urban Beehive – Imagine a peek into the lives of bees.  Think ant farm, but for bees.…maybe you’ll get some honey out of it.
  2. Noteslate – A minimalist tablet that lets you take notes.  Not bad for $99 and 180 hours of battery life.
  3. Desktop Jellyfish Tank – Jellyfish are beautiful, desktop worthy creatures.

What gadgets really catch your eye?  Hector really has an eye for innovative, but simple designs that fit into regular day life.  It doesn’t need to be super fancy, but something that makes your life easier.  Hector also likes nature-influenced tech products like the Macally EcoFranPro or the Drift Maple Wood Watch.

I’m definitely following haz0 to see what he’ll post next.

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