5 Gifts for the Technology-obsessed Valentine

By Chada M.

According to Wikipedia, Valentine’s Day is “a day in which lovers express their dedication to each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionary, and sending cards.”  Flowers are beautiful, but they eventually wither; and chocolates are just temporary pleasures (that you sometimes later regret).  Is this the kind of message you want to give your honey?!

Make sure he/she knows that you really care about them by getting them a less traditional gift.  I checked out Curisma for some very adorable gadgets that your technology-obsessed Valentine is sure to swoon over.

  • Heart-Shaped Earphone Splitter ($18) – found my moosik3–A romantic and cute statement piece.  These heart-shaped earphone splitters allow you to plug in your respective headphones so that you can listen to the same movie or music on a plane or train.  And you know what they say.  The couple that listens together stays together.

  • Stereo Tube Amp ($2,450) – discovered by asada23 – When I saw these speakers on Curisma, I thought they were beautiful red roses.  It look me a second look to realize that they are actually some very powerful speakers.  These will definitely not wither away after a few days.  The maker says, “After building my first one, I was blown away with the sound and my Dynaco Stereo 70 went straight into storage.”

  • Casetagram ($34.99) – discovered by fatma – Create a custom iPhone case with Instagram pictures special to you and your valentine.  This gift is two parts homemade, one part store bought.  It’s both functional and sentimental, and something that will be with them always.  How romantic!

  • Bondi iPhone Holder- discovered by yuramus – This V-Day gift says, “I’ll bend over backwards.”  Bondi is a bendy, pliable safe keeper.  It’s appropriate for Valentine’s day because its cute, durable, and will love you.  Keep your iPhone, keys, wallet or anything else for that matter safe with Bondi.  Watch the video here.

  • Polished Silver Oval Wifi 2GB USB Cufflinks ($249.99)– discovered by followrene – These sleek cufflinks turn any place into a Wi-Fi hotspot.  It also doubles as a 2GB USB storage device.  This is perfect for the guy that has everything and it definitely channels a bit of James Bond.  But what better gift is there that says, “Hey there, I think you are an international man of mystery.”

These were my top 5 on Curisma.  Do you have other suggestions for some functional and romantic gifts?

Here’s wishing you have a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day!

If you have any comments or questions, you can email me at chada@curisma.com

  • http://twitter.com/_fatma_yalcin Fatma Yalcin

    Here is my suggestion – technology meets roses :)  
    These roses always stay fresh, as they are naturally preserved in a special freezing process. They even retain their fragrance.

    I added it to Curisma: http://curisma.com/product/2827/ 

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